Centre for ADHD & Autism Support

Centre for ADHD & Autism Support

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Sat 25 Jun 2022

About us


Hidden disabilities such as ADHD and autism are often difficult to understand. Coping with a diagnosis, or possible diagnosis, is hard. It is the beginning of a journey with many highs and lows - of awareness, acceptance and adaption.

The Centre for ADHD & Autism Support (CAAS) is a well-established local charity making a huge difference to the lives of many children, young people and adults in Harrow and the surrounding areas. We offer support from childhood through to adulthood and importantly, we do not require an official diagnosis.

Without us, many local individuals and families would feel vulnerable, isolated and alone. Our passionate, dedicated team understand the difficulties and have first-hand experience of both ADHD and autism.


Our services are in high demand. Last year we supported over 900 people at our Centre in Eastcote and more than a thousand other people were impacted by our training and awareness work in the local community.

Alice's story

Alice is 12 years old and autistic. She is subjected to significant bullying at school and is very withdrawn, experiencing mental health issues. During her very first visit to a CAAS youth group she felt included, "I feel like everyone here is a friend".

Without CAAS, Alice would have nowhere else to go where she feels safe and accepted.

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