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Sat 05 Dec 2020

About us


We are a group of committed volunteers who take care of many of Harrow's wild open spaces. We give up our time to make the sites better for human visitors, animals and plants. We pick up a great deal of litter and keep paths open by removing fallen trees, but we also work to maintain and improve biodiversity through tasks such as scrub clearance, grass cutting and hedge laying. We need funds to print leaflets, buy and repair tools, buy sapling trees and for many other day to day expenses.

Our volunteers are out in all weathers helping wildlife in Harrow. Please support them and keep Harrow green.

Thank you!

Steve Bolsover (chairman)


The sites we look after:

Bentley Old Vicarage, where we cut back bramble and ivy from the paths to keep them open.

Bentley Priory, where we have created new ponds that are now teeming with dragonflies and other pond life.

Lady Gilbert's orchard, where we clear bramble from around the rare apple trees and control the invasive Japanese knotweed.

Newton Farm Ecology Park, where we have completed a renovation of the Healing Garden and organize mass rubbish pickups.

Pear Wood, where we protect the spectacular carpets of bluebells and lead walks that show them to the public.

Roxborough Rough, where we have planted over a hundred young trees.

Stanmore Common, where we cut the rare acid grassland by hand to maintain the complex mix of heather, grass, rushes and scrub.

Stanmore Country Park, where we have created grassy rides connecting the open areas to allow butterflies to fly from one to the next.

Stanmore Little Common, where we work with the Harrow Council drainage department to keep the ponds clean and healthy.

Stanmore Marsh, where we planted bluebells in the woods and helped create the management plan for this new site.

Wood Farm, where we host children's groups that study and enjoy the open landscape.


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