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Sat 02 Mar 2024

About us

Harrow Shopmobility is a registered charity which provides a much-needed service through the provision of the free loan of mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and scooters for people with mobility issues, either temporary or permanent.

The service address mobility needs in cases where people are not able to walk or walk long distances through illness, age, through pre or post-surgery conditions or other reasons.

We need your help so that we can continue to offer this vital service which is relied upon to promote the independence, integration and wellbeing of our Community.  

Without this service people with mobility issues would not have the freedom and independence to fully live their own life. The loan of scooters and wheelchairs enables people with limited resources to access a free service for day use and longer term use of wheelchairs at a nominal amount.

The service enables people to access hospitals and other medical facilities.

The service enables people to become independent and free, not having to rely on others to accompany them.

Having their own space to do what they want when they want whilst retaining their dignity and integrating within society.

Allied to this is the social and wellbeing impact of using the service in that instead of being isolated at home, people are able to go out and engage with others and do things which they would not be able to do otherwise due to lack of mobility eg go shopping, meet a friend for coffee, go to the bank and attend social events such as weddings. 

Our service currently has in excess of 200 Users and over four thousand people have used the service in the past 30 years the service has been in existence. It is open to everyone young and old.

Examples of Users:

Chris (Aged 13) used our wheelchairs to attend school after having broken his ankle playing rugby.

Jane who suffers from debilitating painful arthritis uses a scooter to meet friends for coffee, go to the cinema and to shop. 

John who is undergoing cancer treatment borrows a wheelchair for home/general use and hospital visits.

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Gail Walter


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