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20 August 2022

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Sat 13 Aug 2022

About us

The My Yard team believe there should be no food poverty, no stigma to reach out for help and healthy eating should be accessible to all. More than that no one should feel isolated and unable to access support in times of difficulty.


In Harrow we collect surplus food from stores, organisations and allotments, it’s all perfectly good however for example maybe just damaged externally or excess stock. This is distributed to the community via ‘surplus markets’, community meals and delivered to individuals identified by volunteers who are struggling and often afraid or unable to access help.


A few current figures  2 weekly food markets (pay as you feel), 1 monthly community meal, 3 weekly groups for young people, 1 group for adults over 100 individuals helped each week with a food package.


Our services extend to gardening groups for young people, healthy eating, cooking and social mobility groups. Holiday programs including meals and community meals to create awareness about surplus, food poverty and the ways to combat it locally.


Working with local organisations My Yard appreciate support to increase and grow grass roots style programs to help combat food poverty and isolation in Harrow whilst creating a supportive and enthusiastic network based on respect and dignity.


Many of our service users have become volunteers.

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Yours sincerely,

Miss Rachel Dimond

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