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Sat 25 May 2024

About us

The Reading Ladders charity was set up to help primary-aged children with literacy difficulties/dyslexia, gain the reading skills they need to become successful readers and access the curriculum.

Too many children are leaving primary school with poor reading skills, leaving them ill equipped to cope with secondary school, leaving them vulnerable to becoming disaffected by learning and at high risk of exclusion.

The Reading Ladders approach of only using specialist trained dyslexia teachers means those pupils have the best chance possible of their specific weaknesses being targeted and making good progress.

Most pupils learn the skills for reading without a problem, but at least one in ten children struggle learning the skills for reading. 20% of pupils will need extra tuition to learn phonics (the sounds that letters make).

·          48% of people in prison have poor literacy skills compared to only 23% of the general population.

Giving pupils the skills to become successful readers; allows them to have access to a whole new world of adventures through books, enables them to access the curriculum and ultimately have the same life chances as their peers. Helping pupils become more confident in their reading; enhances their self-esteem and well being, leading to improved confidence in their learning.

With school budget cuts, the majority of schools no longer have special needs teachers who are trained to help pupils with reading difficulties. These pupils need specialist teaching urgently!

We are currently doing a project in Stag Lane Junior school, providing 20 pupils with weekly small group specialist literacy tuition. Our lessons are multi-sensory, fun and engaging.

We need to expand our service to other schools in Harrow, to reach more pupils!

We desperately need your help to do this!

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Yours sincerely,

Fran Miller

Voluntary Operations Manager

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